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Gino Van Middendorp joins Bo-EL


We are proud to announce that Gino van Middeldorp from the modern metalband Despicable Heroes officially joined our Bo-EL Guitar family. Gino is playing a Bo-EL Big Generator STD-4 Whitewash Matt, during their upcoming gigs and festivals in The Netherlands and Germany this summer.

JTR1888 on stage in 2019


JTR1888 is a project of Mark Bogert in which he translates the conspiracy theory about Jack the Ripper into music. Therefore he invited some of the best singers and musicians from the Netherlands to cooperate. In 2019 the album will be released and they are going to hit the stage.The whole rockopera is recorded on Bo-EL Guitars, played by Mark and Peter Vink. Want to know more? Check


Sisters of Suffication signed with Napalm Records


Sisters of Suffication has signed with Napalm Records. Bo-EL is very proud on this great achievement and we will of course continue our support, especially to "our" Bo-EL playing sisters Simone van Straten and Puck Wildschut. At the moment the band is working on new material for release. Be on the lookout for their new album at the beginning of 2019.

Clinic Bo-EL Guitars and TV Cabinets


On Sunday 17 June 2018 from 14:00 to 18:00, Peter Vink and Mark Bogert will again provide a clinic for Bo-EL Guitars and TV Cabinets. These well-known guitarists from Knight Area, and Bo-EL fanatics, will explain about our guitars and bass guitars, their own sound and the special playing style. TV Cabinets will tell everything about their handmade cabinets. Off course there will also be made some music. It is an interactive clinic, so there is plenty of room for questions, and the guitars and cabinets can be tried. This clinic takes place in Get Rhythm Muzikantencentrum, Nikkelstraat 41, Ridderkerk. No registration in advance needed, as expected there will be a little entrance fee (about two euros) at the door.

Puck Wildschut in De Bassist


Our new add in De Bassist places Puck Wildschut from Sisters of Suffication on front with her purple Big Generator Deluxe. In the current issue of this Dutch musicmagazine there is interview with Puck about her bass play, endorsement for Bo-EL and the metalscene.